Life Members

Life Membership of the ASDP is awarded in recognition of distinguished service to the Society and to neurodevelopmental and behavioural paediatrics generally.

A ‘founding father’ for the field of developmental paediatrics, we were privileged to award Trevor Parry (now sadly deceased) with our very first Life Membership in 2012. Trevor was a clinical professor at the University of Western Australia and until 2004 was the founding Director of the State Children Development Centre in Perth. Trevor was much involved in medical education in Australia and the developing world, as well as in public education, in particular parenting, child development and the importance of the early years.

ASDP's Life Members are:

  • Vivian Bayl (NSW)
  • Bruce Chenoweth (NSW)
  • Patrick Concannon (NSW)
  • Clare Cunningham (NSW)        
  • Stewart Einfeld (NSW)
  • Noel French (WA)
  • Christopher Green (NSW)
  • Paul Hutchins (NSW)
  • Jane Lesslie (NSW)
  • Rosemary Marks (NZ)
  • Michael McDowell (NSW)
  • David Newman (NZ)
  • Michael O’Callaghan (QLD)    
  • Kim Oates (NSW)
  • Con Papadopoulos (NSW)
  • Trevor Parry (dec, WA)
  • Chris Pearson (SA)
  • Gehan Roberts (VIC)
  • Jill Sewell (VIC)
  • David Starte (NSW)
  • Gillian Turner (NSW)
  • Graham Vimpani (NSW)    
  • Keith Edwards (NT)
  • Annie Whybourne (NT)