Annual Conferences

  • 2023 Annual Conference: Culturally Diverse Developmental Paediatrics

    17 Aug 2023 – 19 Aug 2023

    Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth Emere Harte, Tūpuna Parenting, New Zealand

    The 2023 NBPSA Annual Conference was held between Thursday 17 - Saturday 19 August 2023 at Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin, Northern Territory

    The conference focused on how each child experiences a unique set of cultural influences such as values, beliefs, history, customs and language and how these shape a child’s identity as well as their emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. For children with (or at risk of) neurodevelopmental and behavioural problems, culture is an integral component of holistic and family-centered care. Practising in a culturally respectful way shapes the ways that we assess and report, recommend interventions, and design services. 
    Culturally Diverse Developmental Paediatrics provides an opportunity to listen, discuss, and connect on topics relevant to the children and families we care for.

  • 2022 Annual Conference: A Successful Journey

    25 Aug 2022 – 27 Aug 2022

    Keynote Speaker: Prof Tony Holland, University of Cambridge

    The 2022 NBPSA Annual Conference was held between Thursday 25 - Saturday 27 August 2022 at Sheraton Grand Hyde Park, Sydney, New South Wales.

    The conference focussed on providing paediatric care in developmental disability to assist those our members care for achieve their personal best outcomes across their lifespan

  • 2021 Annual Conference: Children Developing Safely

    26 Aug 2021 – 28 Aug 2021

    Keynote Speakers:
    Dr Bruce Perry, The Neurosequential Model Network, USA
    Prof Helen Minnis, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Glasgow, Scotland UK

    The 2021 NBPSA Annual Conference was held between 26 - 28 August 2021 as a virtual conference. 

    The conference addressed some of the challenges that medical specialists face when working in the child protection: development interface area.

  • 2019 Annual Conference: It's not all Black and White

    22 Aug 2019 – 24 Aug 2019

    Keynote speaker: Jeff McMullen, journalist and human rights advocate

    The 2019 Conference focused on the unique and complex nature of NDB paediatric practice. Plenaries and workshops explored approaches to deal with a range of complex issues relating to psychopharmacology, externalising and internalising mental health conditions, including managing challenging behaviours and anxiety, and positive outcomes and hope in the complexity space.

  • 2018 Sixth Annual Conference

    30 Aug 2018 – 1 Sep 2018

    Keynote speakers: Professor David Amor, Clinical Geneticist, Victorian Clinical Genetic Services; Professor Martin Delatycki, Clinical Medical Director, Victorian Clinical Genetic Services; and Heather Renton, President of SWAT Australia and parent of a child with a disability

    The 2018 Conference in Melbourne was held partly in conjunction with The International Society for Behavioural Phenotypes. Educational sessions covered a range of interesting topics, including the implications associated with genetic testing in children with neurodevelopmental disorders, managing parental engagement in potential ‘quack’ therapies, managing Tourette syndrome and intractable epilepsy and exploring the paediatrician’s role in tackling tech time.

  • 2013 First Annual Conference: State of the Art

    23 Aug 2013 – 24 Aug 2013

    The 2013 Conference in Melbourne was the first annual conference. Educational sessions focused on a variety of stimulating topics, the latest in ADHD, anxiety disorders in childhood and adolescence, the paediatrician and psychiatrist interface and genetic diagnosis for developmental disorders.